Solar pass-throughs

VILPE Solar pass-throughs provide a professional and secure solution to allow the pipelines of solar collectors and other small pipes, cables or electrical wires to be safely and discreetly passed through the roof. Solar pass-throughs include a pre-attached coupling ring as well as a flange, a cover, a shrinking tube and the screws needed for installation. They are available for felt, steel and tile roofing, and come in a wide range of colours. The cover of the Solar pass-through is detachable, which facilitates any service procedures which might need to be conducted on the pipes. The flange and the cover can also be turned sideways up to 90 degrees from the direction of the pipes. This facilitates the installation process and ensures that it is conducted safely. Find the right product for your needs below.
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What is the best pass-through alternative for solar panel pipes and cables?

VILPE Solar pass-through sets are intended for passing the supply and return pipes of solar thermal collectors, cables and other smaller pipes through the roof. VILPE Solar pass-throughs can be used with all of the most common roof types and roofing materials.

How do I select a suitable pass-through for my roof and roofing material?

Selecting a pass-through is easy with the VILPE pass-through selector. If you cannot find the right alternative from the selector, please contact VILPE technical support.