Indoor air ventilation

VILPE’s extensive product selection offers everything your home needs to ensure excellent indoor air quality

Securing a flow of fresh air into the building with VILPE’s intake ventilation products

We offer several solutions which can be used to secure a sufficient flow of fresh air into a building:


The VILPE Wive Intake Vent

The VILPE Wive Intake Vent can be installed onto the wall in rooms which require intake ventilation, such as living rooms or bedrooms.

The vent is designed to prevent uncomfortable drafts, as the air flow is directed upwards–allowing fresh air to mix with warm indoor air. The VILPE Wive’s front cover is also insulated to prevent problems with condensation.

The appearance of the white air intake vent can be easily customized too, as the product can be wallpapered or painted to fit the interior of a room. Read more about the VILPE Wive.

The VILPE Intake Vent

The VILPE Intake Vent supply air element provides a rooftop supply air component for mechanical ventilation systems. The unique structure of the cowl separates rain droplets from the outside air, and the design also ensures minimal pressure loss. This product is compatible with Ø 160 mm ventilation ducts.

The VILPE Multifunction Grille

The VILPE Multifunction Grille can be used as either an intake vent or an exhaust vent for mechanical ventilation systems, and the Multifunction Grille also works as a ventilation grille for passive ventilation systems.

The unique airflow design results in a large cross-sectional area in both directions of flow as well as good water- and snow-shedding properties. The pressure loss is small for both the intake and exhaust air. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to install the VILPE multifunction grille.

Removing stale indoor air

VILPE FLOW exhaust ventilation pipes are suitable for buildings with passive ventilation systems or those with mechanical intake and exhaust ventilation systems.

The exhaust air is directed straight towards the sky, so all dirt particles are pushed far away from air intakes. In addition, VILPE FLOW exhaust ventilation pipes effectively keep rain water out.

Their low pressure loss also ensures that VILPE FLOW exhaust ventilation pipes are energy-efficient. This reduces the energy consumed by the ventilation system as a whole – which is important not only because it reduces electricity bills, but also because of the corresponding reduction in the system’s environmental impact.

VILPE FLOW roof fans are suitable for buildings with mechanical exhaust air ventilation systems, and effectively remove stale indoor air. The integrated service switch makes both installation and maintenance easy, and VILPE FLOW roof fans are also compatible with building automation and control systems such as motorless cooker hoods.

Control system for roof fans

The VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless Automatic Control System

The easiest option when installing a building’s ventilation system is to allow an automated system to maintain good indoor air quality. The VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless system does this by adjusting the required level of ventilation according to the prevailing air quality inside the building.

Wireless sensors measure the relative humidity (RH) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air, and send this information wirelessly to the control unit. The roof fan’s effectiveness is then adjusted to ensure good air quality without the unnecessary use of excessive energy. It is an easy and affordable way to turn a passive ventilation system into a demand-controlled ventilation system that saves both energy and money. Learn more about the VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless system.

Motorless cooker hood for EC roof fans

Combining a roof fan with a motorless cooker hood will remove smells and moisture effectively from the kitchen, which will also be free from any annoying noises coming from the cooker hood itself.

Please note: If you have an older model of roof fan, such as the VILPE E roof fan with an AC (alternating current) motor, you can manually control it with either a cooker hood suitable for AC roof fans or with a VILPE control panel. The VILPE 2299 AG Control Panel has surface mounting, while the VILPE 2299 UCJ Control Panel has flush mounting.