Pass-throughs are required when installing VILPE roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes. They prevent water from flowing into openings made in the underlay and the roofing material, thereby ensuring that it remains watertight. Our product selection includes high-quality and easy-to-install pass-throughs for all kinds of roofing materials, colours and pitches. Pass-throughs should be installed with VILPE Underlay 2K Seals to ensure they are 100 % waterproof. The pass-throughs are designed with ease of installation in mind, so these products are suitable for DIY installation conducted by one person without the need for specialist knowledge. Find the right product for your needs below
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What is the best pass-through alternative for solar panel pipes and cables?

VILPE Solar pass-through sets are intended for passing the supply and return pipes of solar thermal collectors, cables and other smaller pipes through the roof. VILPE Solar pass-throughs can be used with all of the most common roof types and roofing materials.

How do I select a suitable pass-through for my roof and roofing material?

Selecting a pass-through is easy with the VILPE pass-through selector. If you cannot find the right alternative from the selector, please contact VILPE technical support.

Why do I have to install an Underlay seal?

Underlay seals protect roof structures and insulation material from water condensation on the lower surface of the roof. The seal also prevents any humidity caused by water and snow from entering the intermediate floor through ventilation openings in the ridge. The VILPE Underlay 2K seal extends from the surface of the roof covering to the upper surface of the pass-through, and thus completely closes the gap between the roof covering and the roofing material, prevents humidity from entering the building's roof structures, and ensures that the roof remains waterproof. See the section “What is a VILPE Underlay 2K seal, and why should it be used?” Learn about the VILPE Underlay 2K seal by watching this installation video.

What is a VILPE Underlay 2K seal, and why should it be used?

The VILPE Underlay 2K seal is the only pass-through accessory on the market which guarantees that the roofing structures it is installed onto remain fully waterproof. Using the Underlay 2K seal also ensures that natural discontinuity points in the roofing material, combined with winds and driving snow, do not impose any extra humidity load on the roof structures. The Underlay 2K seal effectively seals the pass-through and the roof-covering into a single watertight and wind-tight component. Learn about the VILPE Underlay 2K seal by watching this installation video.