Roofing essentials

Our solutions to keep roofs waterproof and securely fasten roofing materials.


Pass-throughs for ventilation pipes and roof fans

Pass-throughs are required when installing VILPE P-Series roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes. They prevent water from flowing into openings made in the underlay and the roofing material, thereby ensuring that it remains watertight.

Our product selection includes pass-throughs for all kinds of roofing materials, colours and slopes. Pass-throughs should be installed with VILPE Underlay 2K Seals to ensure they are 100 % waterproof. The pass-throughs are designed with ease of installation in mind, so these products are suitable for DIY installation as well.

Trouble with finding the right pass-through? Our pass-through selection tool will help you.

Pass-throughs for solar collector pipes and cables

VILPE Solar pass-throughs provide a professional and secure solution to allow the pipelines of solar collectors and other small pipes, cables or electrical wires to pass through the roof. Solar pass-throughs include a pre-attached coupling ring as well as a flange, a cover, a shrinking tube and the screws needed for installation.

The cover of the Solar pass-through is detachable, which facilitates any service procedures which might need to be conducted on the pipes. The flange and the cover can also be turned sideways up to 90 degrees from the direction of the pipes. This facilitates the installation process and ensures that it is conducted safely.

Chimney pass-throughs

Chimney pass-throughs are designed for prefabricated, insulated metal chimneys (both round and modular). The VILPE Chimney pass-through is designed in a way which facilitates and considerably shortens the time it takes to install.

Expense is also reduced, as there is no need for costly sheet metal work. As with all VILPE products, the chimney pass-through is designed for both technical functionality and ease of installation. With all necessary parts included in the package, these pass-throughs are ideal for DIY installation. Get to know our extensive selection of high-quality chimney pass-throughs.

Roof accessories

Roof drains

VILPE’s AM and CM roof outlets remove rain and melted snow from flat roofs.

AM roof outlets are equipped with a filter which manages larger water masses during heavy rain. The product comes with two filters, allowing the same product to be used as both a siphonic and a traditional roof drain.

The CM roof outlet is a traditional roof outlet for bitumen roofs. The width of the flange is 150mm, and the two-sided ribbing ensures that the outlet is attached to the roof as securely as possible. CM roof outlets are also fully waterproof.

AM roof drains can be installed on both multiple- and single-ply felt bitumen, as well as on plastic-based single-ply roofing. CM roof outlets, on the other hand, are developed only for bitumen felt roofs.

Roof hatches

VILPE roof hatches are used as fire and service hatches, as well as for access between the roof and attic space. The VILPE Uniroof roof hatch is suitable for all conventional steel and tile roofs and profiles, as well as all roof slopes. A flexible top edge facilitates installation onto the ridge of a roof. 


Croco fastener

VILPE Croco fastener

All green Croco fasteners can be attached using either an adjustable screw, standard screws or concrete nails.

A T-25 (7mm) Torx tool should be used for installation. If installing the product on concrete, an M drill and an M drill extension or similar tools are also needed. The Torx tool and M drill with extension are sold separately. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to install VILPE adjustable fasteners.


The VILPE Power A power-fastener is used to fasten new roof covering and insulation material onto old bitumen felt roofs, or to fasten insulation sheets onto other material (e.g. styrox, foam sheets and polyurethane sheets).

The fastener’s square body is stronger than other models on the market, and prevents the tool from spinning around during the installation process. In cases where there are several layers of bitumen on the roof – or if the bitumen is old and hardened – the fasteners may require pre-drilling. This can be done with an 8mm drill or, if necessary, an even thicker drill. Power-fasteners with round bodies should be installed with 6-angle installation bits.