Ross ventilation poles

Humidity which moves from the surrounding environment into underfloor spaces must be carefully removed to prevent both health hazards and structural damage. The Ross ventilation pole is an elegant choice for the ventilation of underfloor spaces, as well as for the prevention of moisture damage in ground-level floors. The Ross ventilation pole can be used as an air inlet for a basement sauna, fireplace or mechanical ventilation system, and is also suitable as a replacement or exhaust air terminal in more sophisticated systems. In addition, Ross ventilation poles can be used together with the ECo 110 radon fan to remove radon gas from subfloor spaces. Watch this video to learn how easy the installation of the Ross ventilation pole is (subtitles in English available). This product selection includes Ross ventilation poles and associated accessories. Find the right product for your needs below.
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How many VILPE Ross ventilation poles do I need for underfloor ventilation, and how large an installation opening should I have in the foundation for each ventilation pole?

It is specified in Section, part C2, of the National Building Code of Finland that the total surface area of underfloor ventilation openings must be at least 4 per mil of the surface area of the underfloor space. The Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate provides instructions for determining the ventilation needs of different underfloor space types. To determine your project’s specific ventilation needs, please contact a skilled HVAC or structural designer.

For the VILPE Ross 125 ventilation pole, an opening of at least Ø 135 mm must be provided in the foundation, and for the Ross 160 ventilation pole, an opening of at least Ø 170 mm must be provided.

Free surface area of the openings for VILPE Ross ventilation poles:

  • VILPE Ross 125: 95 cm²
  • VILPE Ross 160: 201 cm²
  • VILPE Ross 200: 314 cm²

VILPE Ross ventilation poles can also be used for:

  • Ventilation of radon gas
  • Providing inlet air to fireplaces
  • Providing supply air for mechanical or passive ventilation