Roof drains

High-quality roof drains from VILPE efficiently remove rain and melted snow from flat roofs. Our AM roof drains are equipped with a filter which manages larger water masses during heavy rain. The product comes with two filters, allowing the same product to be used as both a siphonic and a traditional roof drain, and can be installed on both multiple- and single-ply felt bitumen, as well as on plastic-based single-ply roofing. The VILPE CM roof drain, on the other hand, is a traditional roof drain for bitumen roofs, with a 150 mm flange and two-sided ribbing which ensures the drain is attached to the roof as securely as possible. CM roof drains are also fully waterproof, and are developed only for bitumen felt roofs. Our roof drain range also includes leaf gratings, thermocables and other insulation accessories, and both plastic and metal options. Find the right product for your needs below: