Acid-Resistant Steel Roof Drain, Model A Ø 110

Description: A roof drain with primed flanging for gently sloping roofs. Model A roof drains have a collecting basin, and Model A leaf grating is included.

Contents: Roof drain, plastic grating.

350 mm
600 mm
750 mm
1000 mm
Model350 mm
Product number390021
LVI Code3385216
EAN Code6410457653713
Weight Gross: 2.556kg, Net: 1.881kg
Model600 mm
Product number390022
EAN Code6410457653720
Weight Gross: 3.818kg, Net: 2.681kg
Model750 mm
Product number390023
EAN Code6410457653737
Weight Gross: 4.496kg, Net: 2.981kg
Model1000 mm
Product number390024
EAN Code6410457653744
Weight Gross: 4.596kg, Net: 3.081kg
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