Values – the way we work

The five values steering the way we work

At VILPE, we have identified five values that are important to us and which steer the way we work. These values consist of reliability, openness, courage, innovation and environmental sustainability, and they reflect the way we treat both our partners and our employees.  


We feel the utmost respect towards all our stakeholders, partners and employees. Therefore, we want to be a trustworthy and committed partner who always delivers as promised. This value is also reflected in our engagement with social causes in our local community. Read more about our social action efforts.


We conduct business openly, complying with all applicable laws and respecting different cultures. Openness also means dignity and honesty towards stakeholders, partners and employees. We do not play games, provide false information or withhold it, or act in a way which puts anyone at a disadvantage. 


Being a pioneer and developing new, unconventional solutions also requires some risk-taking. In turn, risk-taking requires courage. For us, courage means testing new ideas with an open mind, and actively trying new things without fear of failure. On the other hand, courage does not mean blind self-confidence and making irresponsible decisions, but rather a belief in our people and ideas.


Our company is a pioneer in providing new and useful solutions for the building industry. Pioneering product development requires an innovative and creative atmosphere. We define innovation as the creation of products which are both new and useful. Therefore, in order to incorporate these two aspects into our work, the needs of our customers and partners are always the point of departure for all of our product development. Read more about VILPE efforts on IoT and smart building technologies.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe that the state of the environment, and especially global warming, requires everybody to make changes. This is why environmental sustainability is a central value for us. We are actively looking into new ways to make our company as green as possible. For instance, we have invested in solar panels on our factory roof, and have minimized the material waste coming out of our factory. Read more about our green initiatives.