Healthy construction with the latest IoT technology

The VILPE Sense system dries a roof’s insulation layer and warns you about small and hard-to-find leaks. Monitor the condition of your building in real time using the application and stop worrying about moisture damage.

We are VILPE

The story of our company started with a single innovation. During the summer of 1973, Eero Saikkonen — then a student at Vaasa Technical Institute — started looking for a solution to a practical building problem.

He had noticed that roofing felt and insulation, which at the time were glued together with bitumen, did not stay in place, and the heads of screws often penetrated and damaged the felt layer. To solve this problem, he developed a new type of fastener that would adjust to the weight which was applied to it: this innovation was the start of our company.

Since that day, we have been at the cutting edge of product development, and have continued to challenge the building industry with new innovations. Many of these innovations, such as exhaust ventilation pipes, roof fans and ventilation poles have become a part of everyday building practice since we introduced them to the market.