Intake ventilation

The VILPE Wive Intake Vent (and associated accessories) can be installed onto the wall in rooms which require intake ventilation, such as living rooms or bedrooms. The vent is designed to bring fresh air directly into the building whilst preventing uncomfortable drafts, as the air flow is directed upwards–allowing fresh air to mix with warm indoor air. The VILPE Wive’s front cover is also insulated to prevent problems with condensation. The appearance of the white air intake vent can be easily customized too, as the product can be wallpapered or painted to fit the interior of a room. Read more about the VILPE Wive. This product category also includes the VILPE Intake Vent supply air element, which provides a rooftop supply air component for mechanical ventilation systems. The unique structure of the cowl separates rain droplets from the outside air, and the design also ensures minimal pressure loss. This product is compatible with Ø 160 mm ventilation ducts. Find the right product for your needs below.
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What is the minimum wall dimension for the filter?

The VILPE Wive can be mounted on walls with a thickness of at least 255 mm. If the wall is thicker than 440 mm, additional pipe parts will be needed.

How far into the installation pipe should the filter be placed?

First, make sure that the filter is securely attached to the valve. Attach both the metal parts included in the supporting structure to the mounting holes inside the round plastic part. The metal parts must cross over each other. Pull the white cloth filter over the support structure and fasten it with a rubber band. The rubber band is to be fitted over the recess of the metal parts, not on the plastic part.

Push the valve and filter into the pipe until you can attach them to the mounting frame. Make sure you hear a click. This means the valve has been securely fastened in place.

Which filter should I use for the VILPE Wive intake vent?

Wive intake filters fit wall-mounted Wive intake vents. As these filters are designed specifically for these products, we can guarantee excellent filtering efficiency. If you have a Wive installed onto a window vent, you can also use the Wive coarse filter.