Wive 100 Intake Vent for Window Vent + Thermostat

Description: The VILPE Wive intake vent for window vent should be installed onto a window vent with a minimum thickness of 40 mm and a maximum thickness of 90 mm. The VILPE Wive intake vent for window vent brings fresh outdoor air into a building, and is designed to prevent uncomfortable drafts as the air flow is directed upwards so that fresh air mixes with warmer indoor air. The VILPE Wive intake vent for window vent with thermostat should be used in buildings with passive ventilation systems: the thermostat adjusts automatically to the outdoor temperature, meaning that when it is colder outside the vent lets in less air. When the outdoor air is +20 °C, the vent remains completely open, and when the outdoor air temperature drops to -5 °C, the vent closes (although it always allows some airflow into the building). The VILPE Wive intake vent for window vent can be used in detached houses, multi-apartment houses and row houses, and is quick and easy to install as no coupling or wiring is necessary. The intake vent can also be painted or wallpapered easily to fit the interior of the room. The intake vent’s cover is insulated to prevent condensation, and the high-quality filter effectively prevents contaminants like dust and pollen from entering the building.

Dimensions: Intake vent 100 x 100 mm.

Contents: Intake vent, instruction manuals.

WIVE + Thermostat
ModelWIVE + Thermostat
Product number380070
LVI Code8832056
EAN Code6410453800708
Color White | RR20
Weight Gross: 0.519kg, Net: 0.448kg
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