AM roof outlet bitumen

Description: For all multiple and single-ply bitumen felt roofings. AM-75 roof outlets can be used either for a symphonic system or a conventional system.

Contents: Outlet, leaf grating, symphonic grating, sealing compound.

Ø 50 mm
Ø 75 mm
Ø 90 mm
Ø 110 mm
Ø 110/630 mm
Ø 160 mm
ModelØ 50 mm
Product number72005
LVI Code3385202
EAN Code6417323720050
Weight Gross: 2.058kg, Net: 1.894kg
ModelØ 75 mm
Product number72007
LVI Code3385204
EAN Code6417323720074
Weight Gross: 1.95kg, Net: 1.785kg
ModelØ 90 mm
Product number72009
LVI Code3385205
EAN Code6417323720098
Weight Gross: 2.376kg, Net: 2.212kg
ModelØ 110 mm
Product number72011
LVI Code3385206
EAN Code6417323720111
Weight Gross: 2.05kg, Net: 1.885kg
ModelØ 110/630 mm
Product number72012
EAN Code6417323720128
Weight Gross: 2.33kg, Net: 2.189kg
ModelØ 160 mm
Product number72013
LVI Code3385210
EAN Code6417323720135
Weight Gross: 2.032kg, Net: 1.813kg
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Product categories: Roof drains