Solar Tall Felt Pass-Through

Description: The VILPE Solar Tall Felt Pass-Through is designed for passing small pipes (such as solar collector pipes) through felt roofs with a pitch of less than 1:5 (11.5 degrees), and should be installed between two felt layers. The Solar Tall Felt Pass-Through is fully waterproof due to the rubber seal mounted on its lower surface. The cover of a Solar Tall Felt Pass-Through is detachable, which facilitates service of the pipes; the flange and the cover can also be turned 90 degrees sideways to match the direction of the pipes, which makes installation easier.

Dimensions: Stem height 200 mm, flange width 150 mm, front pipe hole 100mm x 60mm.

Contents: Pass-through, flange, cover, shrinking tube, screws, installation instructions.

Product number75672
LVI Code5289238
EAN Code6417323756721
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 2.843kg, Net: 2.006kg
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Materials & Installation

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