Advice for roof inspection and maintenance

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We recommend that a roof inspection should be perform at least twice a year. When you inspect the condition of your roof regularly, you can detect potential problems in time and thereby prolong the lifespan of your roof and reduce the risk of leakages. Every spring and autumn, you should do the following:

  • Clean the gutters
  • Remove dirt and moss from the roof
  • Check the fasteners of ladders and snow barriers
  • Check that the roof tiles are intact

Always remember to wear adequate safety equipment whilst on the roof.

Other important things to check both on and under the roof

roof inspection

When you are performing a roof inspection, you should also inspect pass-throughs and other roofing products more closely. Here is a checklist of things to make sure of:

1. Pass-throughs

The joint between pass-through and pipe
Is the pass-through fastened to the roof properly? Are the screws intact and in the right place? Check that the pipe is tightly fastened to the pass-through. The joints should be intact and there should not be any deflections caused by ice.

Pass-throughs should be sealed properly when installed. If you notice any faulty or damaged seals, you should re-seal the pass-through using a sealing compound suitable for outdoor use.

The surroundings of the pass-through
Remove possible dirt, such as leaves or moss, which may have accumulated near the pass-through.

A thorough inspection means that you should not only check the condition of the visible roofing, but the underlay as well. This is important, because possible underlay problems cannot be seen on the top of the roof. Check that the underlay is intact and that there are no leakages in the isolation layer. If the VILPE Underlay seal or VILPE Underlay 2K seal which have been used with pass-throughs, make sure they are properly fastened to the roofing battens.

2. Roof fan

Check that the roof fan can rotate freely. Small amounts of stain will not affect the roof fan, but larger stains should be removed. The roof fan should work steadily and without noise; a squeaky sound might be a sign that the bearings are broken. Be careful when cleaning the roof fan impellers so that the balancing plates will not loosen and the bearings will not break.

3. Flat roof seals

Check that the seals on a flat roof are intact and properly fastened. This is especially important on flat roofs because of the way snow can melt onto the roof. Proper sealing prevents snow and moisture from entering the structure below.

4. Chimney pass-throughs

1. Log houses a few years after the building is finished

It is normal for log houses to descend a little during the first few years. The rubber sealing of the VILPE Chimney pass-though is fastened tightly around the chimney with a clamp, which ensures that the solution is waterproof. Check the position of the rubber sealing and, if necessary, loosen the clamp and lower the sealing as much as the deflection of the house requires. This ensures that the rubber sealing remains tightly fastened around the pass-through.

2. After a chimney fire

If there has been a chimney fire, you must inspect the round chimney pass-through to make sure it is intact, as the fire might have damaged the rubber seal. If the seal has been damaged, it must be replaced. Please note that the warranty of chimney pass-throughs is not valid after a chimney fire.

Why should you regularly perform a roof inspection?

Roofing and VILPE products which have been installed by professionals are safe and long-lasting even in harsher Nordic weather conditions. However, even VILPE products have their limitations, and an incorrectly installed product is a risk factor. When you notice and fix problems in time, your home and its roof will remain in good condition for decades.

The best guarantees on the market are a sign of VILPE’s superior product quality. The technical guarantee is 20 years, the aesthetic guarantee is 10 years, and the electric roof fan parts have a 2-year guarantee. The guarantee is valid only if the products are installed correctly and used according to the installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

VILPE sales and technical support is happy to assist you in all questions regarding guarantee or installation.Contact us here!

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