VILPE IO wall-mounted products for intake and exhaust air have been granted the SERT R072 certificate

intake and exhaust air

The VILPE IO 125 and VILPE IO 160 are among the first wall-mounted products for intake and exhaust air that meet the requirements of the certificate SERT R072 (Requirements of wall outlet terminal devices for exhaust air and inlet terminal devices for outdoor air of a residential ventilation) from the Finnish Eurofins Expert Services.  

Wall-mounted products for intake and exhaust air are typically used in multi-apartment buildings where it is difficult to build ventilation ducts or where ventilation pipes on the roof is not a possible solution. Since this kind of products are new on the Finnish market, there has not been any certificates for guaranteeing the functionality of the product. Therefore, the Eurofins Expert Services have developed a new certificate for this product group.

“This product certificate facilitates the work of both customers and building inspectors because now they know that the product functions as intended. The VILPE IO is among the first to receive this certificate. This means that the product development process of VILPE IO has been successful and that VILPE IO is a great solution”, says Veli-Pekka Lahti, Director of R&D at VILPE.  

Watch this video where Veli-Pekka explains more about VILPE IO.

Intake and exhaust air do not mix

One of the evaluation criteria for the certificate is the water-separation ability of the product. For instance, for VILPE IO 125 (with the reduction piece) the water-separation ability was hundred percent and therefore the product has been evaluated to belong to the best A-class.  

The second important criteria for these kind of products is that the intake and exhaust air must not mix. More specifically, the dirty air that is blown out from the apartment must not get back into the apartment by mixing with the intake air. Therefore, the requirement for getting the certificate was that the level of exhaust air in the intake air should be zero percent. VILPE IO fulfills this criterion.  

You can download the certificate here.

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