Raw material shortage causes delivery problems and price increase

FLOW raw material shortage

The demand for our products is currently higher than normal. At the same time, we have got problems with components and raw material shortage. These problems negatively affect our production and deliveries, especially of fasteners, roof fans and roof fan control systems.    

At the moment, we have got a limited number of products in stock so you can still make orders. However, we would like to ask our customers to divide orders across a longer time-period, for instance according to the needs of construction sites. In this way, we can better ensure that all customers get products and the problems from the delivery delays can be minimized.

Price increases in October

The raw material prices have also risen significantly. Earlier this spring, we informed about price increases of eight percent with a start in July this year. Unfortunately, the raw material prices continue to be on a high level and the price increase in July will not be enough to cover our increased production costs.   

Therefore, we are forced to increase all prices by five percent starting October 1st 2021. The price increase will affect all products and not single product groups.   

The global situation with raw material shortage and increased prices is exceptional. Price increases and raw material shortages not only affect the raw material for plastics but also metal parts, electrical components, chemicals and insulation material. We follow the situation closely but predicting what will happen on the market is difficult. We will inform you immediately if something significant happens. VILPE’s sales staff is happy to help you in case you need more information.

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