Growing popularity of smart control systems

smart control systems

This article series presents our important partners.

The popularity of smart control systems is ever growing, one of VILPE partners, Iecon, commercialises KNX smart homes: they develop and provide ready-made product concepts and brands for smart homes. The platform for the ready-made concepts is called KNX and it is a smart automation and control system for homes and other buildings.

The main target group for Iecon’s home automation system is owners of single-family houses. More and more single-family house owners have discovered the benefits of smart control systems and, as a consequence, Iecon has noticed an increasing demand for their solutions. Iecon also provides smart systems for industrial use.

The KNX automation system comprises ventilation, lighting, heating, blinds and audio, making it possible to control these both in-house as well as remotely.

According to Iecon’s CEO Jani Heinonen, the success factors of Iecon have been their ability to offer price-competitive smart homes in a relatively short time. This is possible with Iecon’s ready-made home automation concept.

“Even though we mostly do traditional electrical work, the ready-made KNX concepts make us stand out on the market”, says Heinonen.

Iecon operates on the electricity installation market and their success is based upon excellent and professional staff, high customer satisfaction and reliability. The relationship between VILPE and Iecon began already in 2008, and ever since the cooperation has been deeply grounded in shared values, such as, high quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Over the years, Iecon has been VILPE’s partner in larger projects and maintenance work. One of the latest projects was the installment of LED lighting in VILPE’s factory. Today, 90 percent of the lights at VILPE are LED.

“In comparisons to other firms on the market, Iecon is able to offer a wider service range,” says Heinonen.

The company has the capacity to offer customers full-range service, from electrical installation and planning to electricity user services, inspections and maintenance. Iecon operates in the Ostrobothnia region in Finland. In addition to building system engineering, the company work with larger commercial and industrial building projects.

Learn more about Iecon, by visiting their website (only available in Finnish).

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