Regular filter change makes the intake vent function properly

filter change

The VILPE Wive intake vent comes with a M5 classified filter that keeps impurities out of the building. In order for the vent to function properly, it is important to change the filter regularly.

Intake vent filters should be changed twice a year, for example in the spring and in the autumn. In some cases, you would need to change the filter more often, for example during pollen season or if you live by a busy road.

filter change

You can tell by the colour of the filter whether you need to change it or not. If the filter has become dark and dusty, it needs to be replaced. You cannot wash the filter. It is important to change the filter regularly, as a dirty filter will make the intake vent function less effectively and consequently the indoor air will not be optimal.

As the VILPE Wive filter is designed to fit the VILPE Wive intake vent, we recommend that you to use this filter. The M5 classified filter is ideal for apartment ventilation. It allows sufficient fresh air to enter the building, but at the same time it prevents harmful particles from entering the indoor air. This means that the Wive filter keeps out dirty air, such as, road dust, pollen and mold spores, while letting in sufficient amount of fresh outdoor air into the building.

The VILPE Wive intake vent is easy to install. It is designed to prevent uncomfortable draft as the air flow is directed upwards, where the fresh air is mixed with the warm indoor air. This will keep the room temperature at an ideal level without causing a sense of draft. The product can be wallpapered or painted to fit the interior of the room.

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