Avoid unexpected repair bills with smart prevention

Protect your building with smart technology

Introducing VILPE Sense
A smart investment in building wellness. This innovative system not only safeguards your property from moisture-related damage but also represents a strategic investment towards reducing future repair costs. VILPE Sense utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive leak detection and humidity control, ensuring your building remains healthy and damage-free.

VILPE Sense product family
The VILPE Sense product family provides solutions for various moisture issues, including leak detectors that identify leaks for timely repairs in roof and wall structures. Additionally, the VILPE Sense humidity control system optimizes the structure ventilation, dries insulation layers, and prevents moisture damage, making it suitable for both roofs and crawl spaces. These systems can be used individually or together for comprehensive moisture management.

Why VILPE Sense?

  • Continuous moisture level monitoring in structures
  • Alerts for excessive moisture presence
  • Facilitates prompt moisture response, preventing decay (mold or fungal growth)
  • Convenient monitoring of structure conditions via computer or phone
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  • Shows the leak areas from the service’s moisture map.
  • Helps to focus repair efforts solely on damaged areas.

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