VILPE Oy is committed to the responsible management, use, and protection of your personal information. This text sets out VILPE Oy’s Customer and Potential Customer Privacy Policy, which applies both during and after your customer relationship with us.

Privacy Policy: Customer and Potential Customer Register

Section 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

Section 7 of the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications

1. Controller

VILPE Oy (0558172-1)
Kauppatie 9, FIN-65610 Mustasaari, Finland
Sales and technical support tel. +358 20 123 3233

2. Contact Person in Data File-Related Matters

CEO Tuomas Saikkonen
Kauppatie 9, FIN-65610 Mustasaari, Finland
Tel. +358 20 123 3284

3. Name of the Date File

Register of customers and potential customers of VILPE Oy.

4. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The personal data collected into the registry is used to control, manage and maintain customer relationships, produce and facilitate services and communications for the customer, invoicing, billing and debt collection, as well as directing marketing and advertising and providing the data to a suitable VILPE Oy representative. In addition, the feedback and data gathered from customers is used in analysing market trends, product applications and research and development.

The basis for handling personal information is the legitimate interest of the register holder.

5. Data Content of the File

General identification details and other basic information will be entered into VILPE Oy’s corporate information system:

  • Date and time of registration
  • Person’s name
  • Person’s phone number
  • Person’s email address
  • Person’s gender
  • Department in organisation
  • Title
  • Responsibilities within the organisation
  • Date of birth
  • Open text, focused information for customer relationship management
  • Log of communications
  • Agreement to/ban of marketing
  • Clicking and opening of e-mails
  • Clicking on call-to-action

The following information about a visit to the website might also be stored in the register:

  • Date and time of the website visit
  • IP address
  • Survey information
  • Agreement to/ban of marketing
  • Opening of e-mails and clicks
  • Clicks on call-to-action requests
  • Information related to website use
  • Information about activities related to website use (dates, quantities, traffic sources)

6. Storage Time Of Personal Data

Personal data is stored for as long the customer relationship exists. After the customer relationship has been terminated, the customer’s personal data is stored for a maximum of three (3) years after the date of termination. Personal information of potential customers is stored in the direct marketing register for as long as the subject of the information holds the position, to which the marketable product or service is relevant to, or until the subject of the information withdraws the consent for the use of data for direct marketing purposes. In this case the information of the withdrawal of consent will be stored. Personal information can be stored for longer periods of time, when the applicable law and regulations or the Company’s contractual obligations towards third parties require it.

7. Collection of Personal Data

Personal data is collected when the customer relationship is formed, during the customer relationship, and during the work which is done to form the customer relationship. Personal data can be collected and supplemented with consent from the subject of the data (e.g. with the use of cookies), from a civil register, or from other third-party registers. Data can also be collected with the use of various marketing activities such as events.

On this website, we use services provided by Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder Tracker collects data through their Amazon Web Services infrastructure. All data is encrypted on transfer and at rest.

We collect the behavioural data of all website visitors, including pages viewed, visitor source, and time spent on the site. The visitor IP address is collected to detect the company name, personal contact information and geographic location. Leadfeeder is integrated with MailChimp, which in turn is integrated into our CRM system, Lime. For people in our CRM system, Leadfeeder shows website activities on a personal level. We add personal data (such as names and contact information) to Lime for people who are working in our business field. 

Leadfeeder also enriches this company data with contact data for individuals from publicly available data sources. Our data partners for contact data include Hunter and Full Contact. To increase visitor privacy, IP anonymization is available for your tracker script. This can be set up in the Leadfeeder Tracker settings. This feature will erase the last part of the IP address, thereby making the IP anonymous.

Cookies: Leadfeeder tracker adds a visitor cookie. This cookie is called _lfa and has a two-year expiry date from when it was first sent. The cookie is sent for the website domain only; Leadfeeder does not use 3rd party cookies.

8. Transfer of Data

The data can be transferred to the register holder’s parent and daughter companies for the purposes described in this document’s article 4., for the register holder’s direct marketing purposes, or to the register holder’s personal data records. Transfers are always made in accordance with current data protection and security regulations. The following service providers from other companies also handle and use personal data:

  • Providers of IT services
  • Providers of logistic services
  • Providers of paid services
  • Providers of marketing services

9. Transfer of Data to Outside the EU or EAA

The data will not be transferred outside the EU or EAA.

10. Principles of Securing the Data File

A. Manual material
Kept in a place where access is restricted to designated persons.

B. Electronically recorded data
The data will be stored in an appropriate electrical system. The personnel of VILPE Oy and external persons acting on its behalf who participate in processing the data are bound by an obligation of confidentiality regarding all customer data. Access to the data file is protected by usernames, passwords and access rights.

11. Customer Profiling

The register holder can use the data for customer profiling. Customer profiling is achieved with the help of identifiers, with which the data generated by the service, concerning the subject of the data, can be combined. The resulting profile can be used, for example, for comparisons with other profiles created in a similar manner. The purpose of customer profiling is to examine the demand of products and services and customer behaviour.

12. Data Subject Right to Object to Handling of Data and Direct Marketing

The subject of the data has the right to object to customer profiling and other data handling activities which the register holder may perform using the subject’s data, so long as the basis for these data handling activities is the customer relationship between the subject of the data and the register holder. The subject of the data can present their objections by the means specified in this document’s article 14. (‘Contact’). The subject of the data will need to specify the particular instances which their objections are based on. The register holder can abstain from carrying out requests regarding objections on the basis of current laws and regulations. The subject of the data can at any time accept or withdraw their consent for the use of their data for direct marketing and customer profiling purposes.

13. Other Rights of the Subject of the Data

Right to Inspection

The subject of the data has the right to inspect what data concerning them has been stored in the register holder’s register. The request for inspection must be made according to this document’s article 14. (‘Contact’). The register holder can abstain from requests to inspect the data on the basis of current laws and regulations. Data inspection requests are usually free of charge when made only once a year.

The Right to Demand Correction of Data, Removal of Data or to Restrict its Use

The subjects of the data have the right to demand the correction of incorrect data, as well as the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct marketing or similar purposes. Such requests must be made according to this document’s article 14. (‘Contact’). The subject of the data also has the right to restrict the handling of their data: for example, during the process of requesting the removal or correction of data concerning them.

The Right to Transfer Data From the Register

The subject of the data has the right to acquire any information which they have provided to the register (which has been used with their consent or mandate) in primarily machine-readable format to themselves or to be transferred to another register holder.

The Right to Make a Complaint to a Supervisory Authority

The subject of the data has the right to make a complaint to a supervisory authority when the register holder has not acted in accordance with the applicable privacy and data security regulations.

Other Rights

When personal data is being handled on the basis of the consent given by the subject of the data, this subject has the right to withdraw their consent by informing the register holder according to this document’s article 14. (‘Contact’).

14. Contact

In all matters regarding the handling of personal data and in all cases which involve evoking their rights, the subject of the data will need to contact the person specified in article 2. of this document. The register holder or the person specified in article 2. can then, when necessary, ask the subject of the data in writing to clarify their request. The subject of the data’s identity can also be verified, if necessary, before taking action on the request.