Vittinge 2K Pass-Through


Description: The VILPE Vittinge 2K is a new, progressive pass-through for vittinge clay tile roofs. The product ensemble includes the Underlay 2K Seal, the new-generation VILPE solution for completely waterproofing the underlay. The two-component underlay seal straddles the underlay and the top of the pass-through seamlessly, preventing any rainfall, snow or moisture from reaching the roof structures or insulation material below. The seal on the bottom of the pass-through guarantees a fully waterproof end result, and is attached to the bottom of the flange. Installing the VILPE Vittinge 2K Pass-Through is simple and easy: the pass-through includes spikes for attaching the Underlay 2K Seal, and the kit includes all installation materials and clear instructions. The pass-through enables the installation of VILPE roof fans, exhaust pipes, ventilation pipes and antenna pass-throughs onto the roof. Designed for Ø 75, 110, 125 or 160 mm pipes.

Contents: Pass-through, underlay 2K seal, screws, installation instructions/template for underlay seal and pass-through.

1-waved (E13)
2-waved (T11)
Model1-waved (E13)
Product number300029
LVI Code7820162
EAN Code6410453000290
Color Brick Red | RR750 | RAL8004
Weight Gross: 1.4kg, Net: 1kg
Model2-waved (T11)
Product number300059
LVI Code7820163
EAN Code6410453000597
Color Brick Red | RR750 | RAL8004
Weight Gross: 1.4kg, Net: 1kg
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