Green initiatives

Our initiatives for a greener world

Global warming and the state of the environment is an acute threat to all of us. At VILPE, we believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to take action for the sake of the environment. We have therefore made environmental sustainability one of our central values and part of our core strategy. We are actively looking into new ways to make our company as green as possible. 

Durable and energy-efficient products to reduce environmental impact

We primarily focus on three areas when developing our products to become more environmentally sustainable. Firstly, we design our products to last for a very long time, saving the environment by reducing the need to constantly manufacture product replacements. The reason our products are long-lasting is the material which they are made of. Nowadays, plastic is often considered somewhat controversial however, it is important to distinguish between different types of plastic. The plastic we use for our products enables a product life-span of 30 years of active use. It is also recyclable and chemically neutral.

Secondly, we carefully monitor the manufacturing process of our products so that it is as environmentally sustainable as possible. One of the things we do in order to monitor the negative environmental impact of our products is to calculate their MIPS values (Material Input per Service Unit). This measure records the total amount of resources consumed by the manufacture of each product in relation to its intended use. Also, during the production phase, we have developed processes that allow us to make use of almost all (99,3 %) of the raw material coming into our factory.

Thirdly, we are constantly working on making our products more environmentally sustainable when they are in active use. This is why we focus on reducing the pressure loss of our products which means lower energy consumption – not only saving money, but also minimising their negative environmental impact. For instance, VILPE FLOW exhaust ventilation pipes have up to 40 % lower pressure losses compared to our previous products. This in turn can reduce up to 12 % of the total energy consumption of a ventilation unit.

Green energy and intelligent lighting solutions at our headquarters

During the last few years, we have taken concrete actions for a more environmentally sustainable headquarters.

  • A major investment in improving the energy efficiency has been replacing oil with geothermal heat in the Mustasaari factory in Finland. This reduces our annual CO2 emissions by more than 300 tonnes. Read more.
  • On our factory roof we have one of the largest solar power plants in Western Finland. This solar power plant consists of 1040 solar panels with a maximum output of 286 kWp and it covers the factory’s total annual energy consumption by 10%.
  • We have invested in intelligent LED lighting solutions at our headquarters to save even more energy.

Our investments to reduce energy consumption amount to 1.25 million euros when geothermal energy, solar panels and led lightning are included in the calculations.

Environmental certificate

The management system of VILPE has been evaluated and the company has been certified with the SGS ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard. This certificate covers the development, design, manufacturing and sales of VILPEproducts.