Increase in VILPE product prices starting July 1st, 2023

VILPE product prices will change starting July 1st, 2023. Across the line, the prices of VILPE products will increase by 3.5 percent. The only exceptions are the Felt products (+10 percent) and concrete screws (+12 percent).

During the last years, we have had to increase product prices several times and this situation is truly exceptional. Unfortunately, the previous price increases are not sufficient to secure the operations of the company. The main reason for this price increase is the same as previously: increased production costs. This includes higher energy costs that have started to affect our company. Other factors are higher logistics and personnel costs. In addition, some crucial materials needed for production are now significantly more expensive.

We always do our best to inform you about price increases as soon as possible so that you will have time to adjust. Our sales team is happy to help you with any questions. See our contact information.