Intelligent ventilation is an essential part of humidity management


A structurally sound roof and proper ventilation are effective ways to prevent moisture from accumulating in a building’s structures and insulation.

‘If water drips onto the breakfast table, we can quickly spot the leaking roof and repair the damage. But if there is a small leak somewhere and moisture is allowed to accumulate in the structure for six months, it may not be noticed until the whole roof is wet,’ says Veli-Pekka Lahti, Director of Research and Development at VILPE.

Improper ventilation makes the problem worse

Moisture accumulation is affected by humidity, air leakage and the size of ventilation spaces. The sooner latent damage is detected, the easier and cheaper it is to repair.

‘Long autumns and small temperature differences cause moisture to accumulate in structures. At the dew point, water vapour condenses into water, which is difficult to remove from structures. We have collected a lot of data showing that if you ventilate at the wrong time, moisture is sucked in too,’ Lahti says.

Intelligent ventilation meets the challenges of seasonal and weather variation. When humidity levels rise, the VILPE Sense smart roof system increases ventilation in structures and insulation layers, and improves passive air circulation.

Rising humidity levels in structures are detected by the wireless sensors and transmitted over to the control unit. It then adjusts the VILPE ECO roof fan to the optimum fan level based on the ventilation demand, the outdoor air temperature and the relative humidity. For example, when the humidity level of the air used for ventilation rises too high in rainy weather, the airflow is reduced. Once the excess humidity is removed, the roof fan returns to its normal level.

A smart roof extends the life of a building

Veli-Pekka Lahti
Veli-Pekka, Director of Research and Development at VILPE, says VILPE Sense smart roof is the first product on the market to help both detect and prevent moisture damage.

Hidden problems in the ventilation of structures are difficult to detect. Monitoring and utilizing data can be used to address anomalies, find hidden faults and anticipate maintenance. A structural moisture management system is therefore part of responsible construction and building maintenance.

VILPE Sense smart roof is the first product on the market to help both detect and prevent moisture damage by measuring the relative humidity and temperature of structures—for example in roof structures or the lower levels of the building—and providing unbiased, measurable data to support repair decisions. The system enables accurate and methodical monitoring of the condition of roofs and lower levels of the building.

The data collected can also be used by property owners, the residents’ board of the apartment building, property managers and renovation companies, for example when a building is sold or maintenance is transferred from one company to another.

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