The world’s smartest roof can be found in Korsholm

maailman älykkäin katto

The roof of VILPE’s factory in Korsholm is the smartest roof in the world. It’s an ambitious claim, isn’t it? Here are our reasons for making it:

We have data

We are constantly receiving data on the condition of our roof structures. This data is collected by the sensors on the VILPE Sense smart roof. One sensor measures temperature and relative humidity in the roof structure, while the other measures corresponding information from the outside air. The system is based on the latest IoT technology.

The Data is used in the ventilation of our buildings’ structures

Simply collecting data does not make a roof smart: the data must also be utilized, and preferably automatically (without the need for extra work). VILPE’s smart roof does exactly this: the sensor data is transmitted to the control unit, which then adjusts the roof fan.

This roof fan adjusts to an optimal operating level in order to remove excess moisture from the building’s structures. Once this excess humidity has been removed, the fan returns to its normal activity level. Sensor data is also stored in the cloud for users to view at a later time.

When structures are ventilated automatically and only as required, moisture damage is prevented at the same time as energy is saved. Potential roof repairs are also easier to locate and target when data can be viewed at any time. In practice, insulation layers and building structures are most often automatically ventilated after rain or during a humid autumn.

A Smart way to inspect the condition of your roof

Our roof also has an intelligent underlayer, Controlit, which is installed under the roof’s waterproof layer and detects damage which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. The Controlit layer conducts electricity, and is inspected regularly using a special device. If there is a hole in the roof, it is detected when this inspection device passes over the damaged area—locating even the smallest holes.

The world’s smartest roof is thus the result of a combination of the VILPE Sense and Controlit systems: intelligence can be found both in moisture control and regular monitoring of the roof’s physical condition.