Eero Saikkonen, founder of VILPE, received a Finnish honorary title

Eero Saikkonen
Eero Saikkonen standing in front of the VILPE headquarters in Korsholm.

Eero Saikkonen has been awarded a Finnish honorary title in recognition of his lifelong work in the building industry and for his innovative building solutions. Honorary title “rakennusneuvos” was awarded by the President of Finland.

The founding father of VILPE, Eero Saikkonen, received the honorary title on June 18th, 2021. In Finnish, the title is “rakennusneuvos” and it was assigned for Saikkonen’s contribution to the building industry. Fewer than 200 people have ever received this recognition. Eero Saikkonen has contributed to the Finnish building industry with his product innovations and he has also been the CEO of VILPE for over four decades.

Saikkonen appreciates the gesture.

“This was a big surprise for me. I never thought this could happen”, he says.

Eero’s son Tuomas is proud of the lifework of his father.

“My father has managed to build a successful business that has thrived over 45 years and been an important employer in the municipality of Korsholm”, says Tuomas Saikkonen.

During the last years, VILPE has grown internationally and is now one of the leading European companies in the ventilation and roof product business. The company currently employs 150 people and 90 of them work in Korsholm.

Eero Saikkonen has worked in building industry for 56 years. Even though his son Tuomas has taken over as CEO, Eero continues his work within product development.

“If I stay healthy, I’ll continue to work until I’m 75 years old”, says the 71-year-old building expert.

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