Insurance claims uncertain for roof repairs

Insurance claims were considered uncertain for roof and roof structure repairs in a study carried out by the research firm Kantar TNS, interviews were conducted with Finnish decision-makers and experts responsible for monitoring the condition of the roofs and possible renovation projects.

Based on the study, roof repair projects that are carried out before the end of the roof’s life time are common. Risk factors, especially on flat roofs, included inadequate ventilation of substructures, lack of maintenance, ageing of roofing and opening of seams. Forecasting and regular maintenance extended the life time of the roof.

Many of the interviewees also highlighted the fact that obtaining full compensation from insurance companies for roof and roof structure repairs was considered uncertain.

The interviews were conducted in May 2020.

Frequency of roof repairs

What is your view of the prevalence of roof renovations of apartment blocks, commercial buildings and public buildings (before the end of their life time)?

How many buildings are subject to roof repairs before the actual end of the roof life time?

One in four reports that 80–100 % of roofs are
subject to roof repairs before the end of their life time.

roof repairs

Insurance company compensation policies

According to your estimate, how much of the total number of roof and roof structure repairs carried out before the end of their life time will be reimbursed by insurance companies?

Nearly half of the interviewees estimate that less than 10 % of repairs will be reimbursed by insurance companies.

insurance claims

Incidence of first problems

As you see it, how soon after the buildings are commissioned do the first roof/roof structure problems typically arise?

“According to the interviewees, 30% of the problems arise in less than three years after the commissioning of the building.”

roof repairs

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