7 reasons to choose the VILPE FLOW 315–630S pass-through


A ready-made VILPE pass-through is now available for exhaust vents with a duct size of ⌀ 315–630 mm. This article lists seven reasons why you should choose this pass-through for your building projects:

1. Save Time.
Having a ready-made pass-through designed specifically for VILPE FLOW 315-630 exhaust vents results in easier, faster building solutions. This ready-made pass-through saves time as it does not have to be built or assembled at the construction site.

2. A Complete Solution.
It is particularly convenient combination when the same manufacturer provides the cowl, the pass-through and the steel flashing set..


3. Silencer.
A built-in silencer is included in every large pass-through. Thanks to the silencer, the pass-through is suitable for buildings where low exhaust vent noise levels are required.

4. 100 mm Stone Wool Layer.
Every pass-through has been insulated with a 100 mm layer of stone wool, so this doesn’t need to be ordered separately. This thicker insulation layer enables better thermal insulation and soundproofing. The fire class is A1, which means the material does not burn.

FLOW 315–630S

5. Uncut Baseplate Allows for Adjustment of the Ventilation Duct.
The smooth bottom of the pass-through is closed and removable, so the product can be adjusted to fit most projects when connecting the pipe junction to the pass-through.

6. Waterproof Product.
The pass-through is made of film-faced plywood with sheet metal flashings for excellent watertightness.

7. Guarantee.
VILPE pass-throughs have a 20-year technical guarantee and a 10-year colour guarantee.

+ Experience. During the company’s 45-year history, VILPE has manufactured countless pass-throughs for smaller duct size roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes. Now the same experience and know-how is being used to design products for larger duct sizes of ⌀ 315–630 mm. 

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