VILPE Wive intake vent helps to prevent condensation and optimizes air flow

prevent condensation

Building structures can suffer from serious problems if condensation forms in an intake vent. Leaking water from an intake vent can leave marks on the wall and floor surfaces or in the worst case even cause moisture damages. With a functioning ventilation and heat insulation the forming of the dew point in the vent can be prevented.

Condensation in an intake vent happens when the outdoor air flowing through the vent cools the lid of the vent. This air cools quickly and the indoor air humidity starts to condense, i.e. creating waterdrops on the lid of the intake vent. This is the reason water drops start to fall from the vent’s cover. The condensed water dropping from the vent can cause damages to the building’s surfaces, such as leave marks on the wallpaper beneath the intake vent. In the worst case, the dampness can penetrate the building structures and if it cannot dry, it can cause some serious mold and decay problems.

vilpe wive

There is a dark insulation layer inside the lid that prevents condensation from forming in the vent.

VILPE’s intake vent Wive helps to prevent condensation and thus it is a safe choice for different living spaces. Inside the intake vent is an insulation layer, made of recycled foam plastic, and it is decreasing the temperature differences so that a dew point cannot be formed on top of the vent’s lid.

The model with a thermostat is completely open when the outdoor temperature is 20°C and it closes when outdoor temperature is −5°C. Even though the thermostat is closing the vent, it still allows some air flow because there is a 7cm² sized hole left in the vent. The intake vent made for buildings with a mechanical ventilation system will always stay open because it does not have a thermostat that is adjusting the vent. In a mechanical ventilation system, the ventilation is adjusted by controlling the roof fan. With a proper air flow, the dampness can be kept out of the structures and the risk of moisture damage can be reduced.

prevent condensation

The Wive intake vent is effectively helping to prevent condensation in the vent and because of its optimized air flow, the intake vent does not cause uncomfortable draft. Wive also filters contaminants of the intake air. The visual look of the white air intake vent is easily modified. If one wishes, the product can be wallpapered or painted to fit the interior of the room. Wive is a safe, effective, and stylish option for different living spaces. Read more about VILPE WIve.

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