The VILPE Sense smart roof alerts you to the risks of mould growth

VILPE Sense measures a building’s temperature and relative humidity. It also makes use of the Finnish Mould Model to inform you about the risk of possible mould growth. But VILPE Sense does not only monitor the conditions of the building – it also helps to solve the problem.

The Finnish Mould Growth Model estimates the risk of mould growth

The Finnish Mould Growth Model was developed by Tampere University of Technology and the research institute VTT. The model estimates the possibility of mould growth on a surface by measuring the risk factors predicting mould development, for example temperature and moisture over a specific time period. The model takes into account different materials and different growth conditions.

The mould index assesses the conditions for mould formation on a scale from 0 to 6. Higher levels indicate conditions more favourable for mould development and growth, whereas lower levels indicate less risk.

Building condition is easily monitored with the mould index

The mould index of a building can be viewed in the VILPE Sense app, informing the user about the structure’s condition. The app will give an automatic alert if the mould index exceeds 2.5. This makes everyday life easier, as the user need not worry about missing important information.

Thanks to VILPE Sense, building conditions are constantly monitored. You should always react to possible changes in the mould index. If, for instance, the mould index increases quickly, the structures should be inspected. It is important to note that the mould index is rarely zero, as the system can detect microbes entering the structure with the outdoor air flow. Lower levels of mould growth – the kind only visible under a microscope – are not necessarily alarming. However, if it appears suddenly or increases distinctly, you should inspect the structures.

Mould indexFound mould growth
0No growth
1Growth seen with a microscope
2Clear growth seen with a microscope (Alarm limit 2,5)
3Growth seen with the naked eye
4Clear growth seen with the naked eye
5Rich growth seen with the naked eye (Growth covers more than 50 % of area studied)
6Very rich growth (Growth covers almost 100 % of the area studied)

Source: University of Tampere (2020). Finnish mould growth model.