Ross Wall Sleeve


Description: Should be installed inside the wall element or in cast foundations during the casting. Also suitable for block foundations.

Contents: Wall sleeve, centering rings (2 pc.).

Ross 125
Ross 160
Ross 200
ModelRoss 125
Product number790780
LVI Code7820073
EAN Code6410457907809
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 0.751kg, Net: 0.674kg
ModelRoss 160
Product number790781
LVI Code7820074
EAN Code6410457907816
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 0.934kg, Net: 0.814kg
ModelRoss 200
Product number790782
LVI Code7820075
EAN Code6410457907823
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 1.315kg, Net: 1.16kg
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