Roof Seal Set

Description: Pass-through seal for different kinds of pipes (e.g. mountings for billboards and flagpoles or electrical wires) installed on a metal roof. The weather- and ozone-resistant properties of EPDM rubber are the best possible, and it can endure continuous heat stress of +90°C (and intermittently up to +150°C). EPDM rubber also tolerates the acids and alkalis often found in the air in industrial areas. Should be installed with hot bitumen between two felt layers. Pass-through seals are recommended to use on flat roofs (< 11,5° slope). Dimensions: Available in 7 different sizes with diameters 12-660 mm. Contents: Seal, screws, clamp, sealing compound.

No1 Ø 12-90 mm
No2 Ø 75-150 mm
No3 Ø 110-200 mm
No4/7 Ø 150-280 mm
No5/8 Ø 180-330 mm
No6/9 Ø 260-460 mm
No3 Ø 110-200 mm Grey
ModelNo1 Ø 12-90 mm
Product number71721
LVI Code7813051
EAN Code6417323717210
Weight Gross: 0.867kg, Net: 0.783kg
ModelNo2 Ø 75-150 mm
Product number71722
LVI Code7813054
EAN Code6417323717227
Weight Gross: 0.842kg, Net: 0.714kg
ModelNo3 Ø 110-200 mm
Product number71723
LVI Code7813056
EAN Code6417323717234
Weight Gross: 1.03kg, Net: 0.843kg
ModelNo4/7 Ø 150-280 mm
Product number71726
LVI Code7813362
EAN Code6417323717265
Weight Gross: 1.792kg, Net: 1.505kg
ModelNo5/8 Ø 180-330 mm
Product number71727
LVI Code7813363
EAN Code6417323717272
Weight Gross: 2.266kg, Net: 1.979kg
ModelNo6/9 Ø 260-460 mm
Product number71728
LVI Code7813364
EAN Code6417323717289
Weight Gross: 3.45kg, Net: 3.018kg
ModelNo3 Ø 110-200 mm Grey
Product number71753
EAN Code6417323717531
Color Grey
Weight Gross: 0.549kg, Net: 0.51kg
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