Ridge Capping Vent

Description: Negative pressure air vent for the ventilation of sheet metal roof structures. Installed in round, angular or V-shaped ridge capping–the fixing frame makes the product compatible with most common ridge cappings. Also incorporates a flexible fastening part to adapt to various ridge angles. Retrofittable. The filter material in the vent prevents water and snow from entering the building structures.

Dimensions: Ø 160 mm.

Contents: Frame, seals, cover piece with a filter, screws, installation instructions.

Brick Red
Chocolate Brown
Product number733912
LVI Code7813392
EAN Code6410457339129
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 0.73kg, Net: 0.657kg
Product number733914
LVI Code7813394
EAN Code6410457339143
Color Brown | RR32
Weight Gross: 0.731kg, Net: 0.658kg
Product number733916
LVI Code7813396
EAN Code6410457339167
Color Green | RR11
Weight Gross: 0.628kg, Net: 0.555kg
Product number733917
LVI Code7813397
EAN Code6410457339174
Color Grey | RR23 | RAL7015
Weight Gross: 0.628kg, Net: 0.555kg
Product number733918
LVI Code7813398
EAN Code6410457339181
Color Red | RR29 | RAL3009
Weight Gross: 0.628kg, Net: 0.555kg
Product number733919
LVI Code7813399
EAN Code6410457339198
Color Brick Red | RR750 | RAL8004
Weight Gross: 0.628kg, Net: 0.555kg
Product number73391B
EAN Code6417323850450
Color Chocolate Brown | RR887
Weight Gross: 0.743kg, Net: 0.67kg
Product number73391W
EAN Code6417323850467
Color Winered | RR798
Weight Gross: 0.743kg, Net: 0.67kg
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