Felt Roof Seal

Description: Pass-through seal for round pipes installed on a felt roof. The weather- and ozone-resistant properties of EPDM rubber are the best possible, and it can endure continuous heat stress of +90°C (and intermittently up to +150°C). EPDM rubber also tolerates the acids and alkalis often found in the air in industrial areas. Should be installed with hot bitumen between two felt layers. A separately available Clamp should also purchased, and selected based on the size of the pipe. Pass-through seals are recommended to use on flat roofs (max. 11,5° slope)

Dimensions: Height 150 mm; opening should be cut according to pipe diameter.

Contents: Seal, clamp.

No1 Ø 0-40 mm
No2 Ø 50-60 mm
No3 Ø 75-100 mm
No4 Ø 110-125 mm
No4.5 Ø 130-140 mm
No5 Ø 150-175 mm
No6 Ø 200-250 mm
No7 Ø 275-325 mm
No8 Ø 350-400 mm
No9 Ø 500-575 mm
No10 Ø 600-675 mm
No11 Ø 700-775 mm
No12 Ø 800-875 mm
ModelNo1 Ø 0-40 mm
Product number70040
LVI Code7813330
EAN Code6417323700403
Weight Gross: 0.436kg, Net: 0.395kg
ModelNo2 Ø 50-60 mm
Product number70060
LVI Code7813331
EAN Code6417323700601
Weight Gross: 0.75kg, Net: 0.73kg
ModelNo3 Ø 75-100 mm
Product number70090
LVI Code7813332
EAN Code6417323700908
Weight Gross: 0.741kg, Net: 0.7kg
ModelNo4 Ø 110-125 mm
Product number70125
LVI Code7813333
EAN Code6417323701257
Weight Gross: 0.831kg, Net: 0.79kg
ModelNo4.5 Ø 130-140 mm
Product number70130
LVI Code7813334
EAN Code6417323701301
Weight Gross: 0.891kg, Net: 0.85kg
ModelNo5 Ø 150-175 mm
Product number70175
LVI Code7813335
EAN Code6417323701752
Weight Gross: 1.012kg, Net: 0.93kg
ModelNo6 Ø 200-250 mm
Product number70250
LVI Code7813336
EAN Code6417323702506
Weight Gross: 1.4kg, Net: 1.35kg
ModelNo7 Ø 275-325 mm
Product number70325
LVI Code7813337
EAN Code6417323703251
Weight Gross: 2.1kg, Net: 1.8kg
ModelNo8 Ø 350-400 mm
Product number70400
LVI Code7813338
EAN Code6417323704005
Weight Gross: 1.9kg, Net: 1.77kg
ModelNo9 Ø 500-575 mm
Product number71050
LVI Code7814211
EAN Code6417323710501
Weight Gross: 3.33kg, Net: 3kg
ModelNo10 Ø 600-675 mm
Product number71060
LVI Code7814212
EAN Code6417323710600
Weight Gross: 3.8kg, Net: 3.5kg
ModelNo11 Ø 700-775 mm
Product number71070
LVI Code7814213
EAN Code6417323710709
Weight Gross: 4.03kg, Net: 3.7kg
ModelNo12 Ø 800-875 mm
Product number71080
LVI Code7814214
EAN Code6417323710808
Weight Gross: 5.03kg, Net: 4.7kg
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