ECo 200S FLOW Roof Fan + Installation Set 400 X 400

Description: Energy-efficient insulated roof fan with FLOW cowl and EC motor (with 0-10V control voltage) for the top of an air conduit or silencer. An installation set for a flat surface is included with this product. VILPE ECo Controller control panel available separately.

Dimensions: Duct size Ø 200 mm; installation set 400 x 400 mm, installation area must be at least the same size.

Compatible controllers

Contents: Roof fan, installation set, screws, installation, operating and maintenance instructions.

Brick Red
Product number350312
LVI Code7820385
EAN Code6410453503128
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 8.016kg, Net: 7.239kg
Product number350314
LVI Code7820386
EAN Code6410453503142
Color Brown | RR32
Weight Gross: 8.016kg, Net: 7.239kg
Product number350317
LVI Code7820388
EAN Code6410453503173
Color Grey | RR23 | RAL7015
Weight Gross: 8.016kg, Net: 7.239kg
Product number350318
LVI Code7820389
EAN Code6410453503180
Color Red | RR29 | RAL3009
Weight Gross: 8.016kg, Net: 7.239kg
Product number350319
LVI Code7820390
EAN Code6410453503197
Color Brick Red | RR750 | RAL8004
Weight Gross: 8.016kg, Net: 7.239kg
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Duct size200 Ø
Voltage230 V, 50 Hz
Current1.40 A
Rotation speed (rpm)2510 rpm
Power170 W
Fan typeEC

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