AM roof outlet alkorplan dark grey


Description: For Alkorplan roofing. AM-50 and AM-75 roof outlets can be used either for a siphonic system or a conventional system.

Contents: Outlet, leaf grating, siphonic grating.

Ø 50 mm
Ø 75 mm
Ø 110 mm
Ø 160 mm
ModelØ 50 mm
Product number72054
EAN Code6417323720548
Color Dark grey
Weight Gross: 1.759kg, Net: 1.595kg
ModelØ 75 mm
Product number72055
EAN Code6417323720555
Color Dark grey
Weight Gross: 1.651kg, Net: 1.486kg
ModelØ 110 mm
Product number72056
EAN Code6417323720562
Color Dark grey
Weight Gross: 1.751kg, Net: 1.586kg
ModelØ 160 mm
Product number72057
EAN Code6417323720579
Color Dark grey
Weight Gross: 1.733kg, Net: 1.514kg
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