Airidge Felt Ridge Vent

Description: Negative pressure air vent for the ventilation of rolled or shingled felt roof structures. Installed in a chain on the ridge of a roof using SNAP couplings. The design of the product prevents water and snow from entering the building structures. If the product is to be installed in an area where hard winds and snow storms are common, we recommended the Alipai Ridge instead of this product.

Dimensions: 580 x 325 x 30 mm (73090), 583 x 325 x 35 mm (717832), max. angle 45°.

Contents: Ventilator.

Product number717832
LVI Code7820589
EAN Code6410457656530
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 0.813kg, Net: 0.771kg
SKU: N/A Categories: ,
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Materials & Installation

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Product categories: Ridge, Ventilation of structures