Aerial Sleeve 12-100

Description: Pass-through seal for a Ø 12/19/25/38/50/60/75/90/100 mm aerial pipe, mast, cable or roof bollard installed on a roof. In addition to the stepped EPDM rubber seal, the set contains a plastic collar and a clamp. The plastic collar should be installed onto a VILPE pass-through set which has been selected according to the roofing material. The flexible rubber cone permits some movement of the aerial pipe, and ensures a watertight seal between the pass-through and the roof. The weather- and ozone-resistant properties of EPDM rubber are the best possible, and it can endure continuous heat stress of +90°C (and intermittently up to +150°C). EPDM rubber also tolerates the acids and alkalis often found in the air in industrial areas.

Dimensions: For duct sizes Ø 12/19/25/38/50/60/75/90/100 mm.

Contents: Aerial sleeve, plastic collar, clamp.

Brick Red
Product number74092
LVI Code7813352
EAN Code6417323740928
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 0.527kg, Net: 0.463kg
Product number74094
LVI Code7813354
EAN Code6417323740942
Color Brown | RR32
Weight Gross: 0.526kg, Net: 0.462kg
Product number74096
LVI Code7813356
EAN Code6417323740966
Color Green | RR11
Weight Gross: 0.504kg, Net: 0.46kg
Product number74097
LVI Code7813357
EAN Code6417323740973
Color Grey | RR23 | RAL7015
Weight Gross: 0.504kg, Net: 0.46kg
Product number74098
LVI Code7813358
EAN Code6417323740980
Color Red | RR29 | RAL3009
Weight Gross: 0.504kg, Net: 0.46kg
Product number74099
LVI Code7813359
EAN Code6417323740997
Color Brick Red | RR750 | RAL8004
Weight Gross: 0.504kg, Net: 0.46kg
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