Description: Suitable for fastening 100 to 300 mm insulations to wooden and concrete walls. Also suitable for attaching insulation to ceilings.
Dimensions: 100, 140, 180, 220 and 260 mm. Each length can be adjusted by 40 mm.
Contents: Adjustable Insulation Anchor

100 mm
140 mm
180 mm
Model100 mm
Product number222100
EAN Code6410457655878
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 0.018kg, Net: 0.018kg
Model140 mm
Product number222140
EAN Code6410457655885
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 0.021kg, Net: 0.02kg
Model180 mm
Product number222180
EAN Code6410457655892
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 0.023kg, Net: 0.022kg
Product number222220
EAN Code6410457655908
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 0.024kg, Net: 0.023kg
Product number222260
EAN Code6410457655915
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 0.027kg, Net: 0.026kg
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