160C/IS/400 FLOW Exhaust Ventilation Pipe

Description: Insulated exhaust ventilation pipe with FLOW cowl. Includes a galvanized steel inner pipe with a lip seal. Should be installed in a sheet metal cone with a Ø 230 mm opening, made by a tinsmith.

Dimensions: Duct size Ø 160 mm, external Ø 225 mm, height 400 mm.

Contents: Exhaust ventilation pipe, FLOW cowl, screws.

Light Grey
Product number350512
LVI Code7820474
EAN Code6410453505122
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 5.62kg, Net: 3.972kg
Product number350511
LVI Code7820473
EAN Code6410453505115
Color Light Grey | RAL7040
Weight Gross: 5.593kg, Net: 3.945kg
Product number350514
LVI Code7820475
EAN Code6410453505146
Color Brown | RR32
Weight Gross: 5.62kg, Net: 3.972kg
Product number350517
LVI Code7820477
EAN Code6410453505177
Color Grey | RR23 | RAL7015
Weight Gross: 5.62kg, Net: 3.972kg
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