Social responsibility

At VILPE, we believe that all companies have a responsibility to give back to their communities and promote social well-being. For years, our company has had a principle: every year 0.3 percent of our revenue will be donated for a good cause, regardless of our financial result. This means that we are committed to donating despite possible negative financial result. Annually we donate 50 000–55 000 euros.

Starting 2021, every employee can spend one work day for social responsibility projects. In Finland, this means that approximately 85 persons spend one day with different charity projects.

At the moment, we support the following causes:

  • Families. VILPE has donated money to the Hope association that supports disadvantaged families in the region of Vaasa and Finland.
  • Sports
    • VILPE is the main sponsor of Wasa Royals, an American football team. We support both women and men’s varsity teams as well as the U20 team. In addition, we support ten junior players who otherwise wouldn’t be able to train American football due to seasonal fees. The support is directed to these families via Hope association.
    • VILPE is one of the main sponsors of the ice hockey team Vaasan Sport.
    • VILPE is the main sponsor of the gymnastics club Wasa Unique. The training facilities of Wasa Unique is the VILPE Arena.
    • VILPE sponsors Wasa Esports and Kanaliiga, a national e-sports series for company teams.
  • Education. We are proud of the large scale of education opportunities in the Vaasa region. Therefore, we have made donations to University of Vaasa and Vaasa university of applied sciences.