Roof fans for the VILPE Sense smart roof

A roof fan is a necessary component of a VILPE Sense smart roof. The roof fan can be installed either on top of an Alipai negative pressure air vent (the simplest choice), or as a separate pass-through.

A roof with negative pressure air vents

VILPE ECo Sense roof fan, Alipai without a cowl and VILPE Sense basic kit.

Roof fan: VILPE ECo Sense 110

The ECo Sense 110 roof fan can be installed on top of different sizes and models of VILPE’s negative pressure air vents.

When a roof fan is installed onto an Alipai air vent, the Alipai’s cowl is no longer needed. However, if the cowl piece itself is kept in storage, it will be easier to move the roof fan onto a different Alipai air vent in future. This can be necessary if, for example, some other part of the roof requires more effective ventilation.

A roof without negative pressure air vents

VILPE ECo FLOW roof fan, a pass-through and VILPE Sense basic kit

Roof fan: VILPE ECo or VILPE ECo FLOW roof fan (e.g. ECo 110 or ECo 125 FLOW)

To install a roof fan as a separate pass-through, a fan should be selected from VILPE’s P-, S- or C-series:

  • P-series roof fans also require a VILPE pass-through, which should be chosen according to the roof’s material and pitch.
  • S-series roof fans are installed within a ventilation shaft, onto a silencer or onto another horizontal surface.
  • C-series roof fans are installed onto a cone made by a sheet metal worker.

See VILPE’s roof fan selection