5 Things for People Looking for a Job at VILPE:

Hanna Vanhala is HR Officer at VILPE.
  1. Before applying, consider why you want this job. Do the required qualities match your skills? Or does the company itself spark your interest? Start your application by explaining why.
  2. Be thorough: a good application explains how the applicant meets the required qualities of the position. We often ask for a free-form application in which considering one’s own work history—including particularly relevant assignments or successes—is more important than filling in a form correctly. Make these things clear in your application! Sometimes attaching an image can be another way to stand out, be remembered, and bring out your personality.
  3. Get to know the company’s website, social media presence, values, etc. Show your motivation by getting a feel for the company. For production workers in particular, it is also even more important than work history to show that you are motivated, able to work with others, and quick to learn.
  4. Possible shortcomings in work experience or qualities should not be feared: we all have our own areas to work on, and it makes a greater impression if you can identify your own weaknesses rather than trying to hide or downplay them.
  5. Be boldly personal. The company wants to hire not only your skills but also YOU. Feel free to bring out your own character and personality as much as possible!