Ruukki roofs and VILPE pass-throughs are a perfect match

Photo: Ruukki

Ruukki Construction and VILPE have cooperated for several decades. This close cooperation is based upon high levels of innovativeness to produce high-quality roofs with high-quality roof products and accessories. Ruukki offers steel products and services.

“If there is a building with a Ruukki-manufactured roof, there will also be VILPE pass-throughs “, says Jouni Metsämäki, responsible for the roofing business at Ruukki.

Snap lock standing-seam metal roofs are popular in Finland, with Ruukki Classic and Tiilikainen as the most popular roofings. According to Metsämäki, snap lock standing-seam metal roofs are both timeless and trendy at the same time. They fit both modern architecture and older style buildings. Especially Ruukki Classic has several technical properties that makes it stand out. Classic is 100 percent waterproof, but it is also a more silent alternative because of its soundproofing roofing felt. Metsämäki believes that snap lock standing seam metal roofings will be popular also in the future.

Snap lock standing seam metal roofings are not the only products that are gaining popularity. In the future, Ruukki expects longer gently sloping roofs to trend whereas gable roofs are expected to become less common. Ruukki and VILPE have found the Classic Vino pass-through to be a convenient solution for this kind of pent roofs with only one sloping side.

Reliability and quality combined with a desire to be a pioneer on the market is the secret behind Ruukki’s success. Long-term experience and good partners have made Ruukki a market leader.

“Our common innovativeness has boosted the building industry”, says Jouni Metsämäki.

Jouni Metsämäki, director of roofing business in Ruukki Construction. Photo: Ruukki

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