Product launch: Acid-resistant steel roof drains

roof drains

We have complemented the roof drain selection with new roof drains which are made of acid-resistant steel. With the new products, customers will have even more choice, as VILPE’s range now includes roof drains made of both steel and polypropylene.

A wide range of accessories, including heating elements, plastic leaf gratings and condensation insulation is available for roof drains.

We have designed and tested the steel roof drains in accordance with the SFS EN 1253-2 standard. The tests include mechanical stress on grating and drain, overpressure with water, underpressure with air, and flow rate measurements with and without a grating. For example, in order to pass the test, the leaf grating had to endure a 150 kg load from above. This means that the leaf grating will not be damaged even if something hits it during maintenance.

Roof drains

The sizes of the roof drains are ⌀75, 90, 110 or 160 mm, and different lengths are available for them, starting from 350 mm.

The roof drain flange is ready-primed to facilitate fastening. Steel roof drains are suitable for all gently sloping roofs. The products can also replace old roof drains, making them an excellent choice for renovation sites.

Roof drains offer flexibility, as metal roof drains can be cut to fit the dimensions of the area.

Note: an exception is the C-90 200 roof drain, which is installed as-is on renovation sites.

  • Model A roof drains have a collecting basin. They are suitable for sites where water volume dimensioning requires greater flow through the roof drain, as model A roof drains have a larger filter than model C roof drains of a similar size.
  • There is no collecting basin in model C roof drains.

Accessories complete the selection

Roof drain accessories are also available. The builder can always tailor the whole setup to the site.

  • Heating element
  • Condensation insulation
  • Bitumen flange
  • Plastic leaf grating (Note: leaf grating is included in all roof drains but they are also available separately. Cleaning of the drains is simple, as the leaf grating is easy to remove.)

Accessories can be connected to roof drains at the factory during assembly, or the customer can assemble them themselves.

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