Information about Covid-19

Updated on April 1st, 2021

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and we have taken numerous actions to promote hygiene and social distancing at our workplace. These actions have been essential, as VILPE production and logistics have been able to operate as normally as possible during these exceptional times.  

Our safety precautions

In Finland, we follow all the recommendations and instructions provided by the governmental and health officials in addition to local expert guidelines. Instructions may differ country by county, so our subsidiaries in Sweden, Baltics, Poland, Russia and Ukraine will also act according to the local instructions and recommendations.

Our safety precautions include remote working and limiting social contacts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We strongly recommend meeting customers online and having e.g. Teams meetings. Meetings in person can only be arranged if it is safe and reasonable considering the national COVID-19 instructions. In Finland, we avoid physical meetings, and unnecessary visits to our factory will not be arranged. In addition, we promote the use of masks and we provide masks for our employees.

Logistics, material and components

The global raw material market has been affected by the worldwide pandemic. During the last months, the raw material costs for plastics and metals have risen exceptionally fast and high. For the time being, the product delivery schedules have remained normal and the decreased supply of raw material has not affected our production. However, the probability of disruptions has increased.

We follow the situation closely and will inform our partners immediately in case of any changes in delivery times. Our goal is to ensure the effects on our customers and partners are minimized.

We want to keep our commitments to our partners, protect the health and safety of our employees and maintain the financial situation of our workforce. For these reasons, we are operating as described above. The health and safety of our partners and employees are our number one priority.

Tuomas Saikkonen

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