Vilpe IO

Suitable for many types of objects

VILPE® IO is a new exterior wall-mounted product that combines intake air and exhaust air vents into a single state of the art package. The exterior wall-mounted product enables more living space inside the apartment as it minimises the need for extra ducting for the exhaust and intake air vents. VILPE® IO allows the builder to conveniently direct both intake and exhaust air through the wall. The product has got a contraction piece which allows adjustment of the air flow, making the product suitable for apartments of different sizes. In addition, thanks to the product’s ambidextrous design, the same unit can be used with both left- and right-sided intake and exhaust air solutions. VILPE® IO comes in two flue sizes, 125 and 160 mm.


Designed for longevity

VILPE® IO is made out of durable and recyclable polypropylene (PP), an environmentally safe material. The material is UV protected and therefore the product is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and severe sunshine, without any colour defects. VILPE® provides the product with a 10 year colour guarantee and a 20 year technical guarantee.

VILPE® IO is designed to keep the building’s exterior clean. The product minimises the typical issue of these types of products where dust and dirt accumulate on the ventilation terminal, and which then eventually flows down the exterior wall of the building, leading to a grimy facade. The product’s external design eliminate this problem.