Vilpe FLOW

A new level of performance

The VILPE® exhaust ventilation pipes and roof fans have been pioneering products in the marketplace since the 1980s. You could say that over the decades, VILPE® products have become a part of the national landscape of Finland. We at SK Tuote take our position as an industry pioneer seriously and feel it is our duty to continuously strive for cleaner indoor air, better energy efficiency and longer-lasting structures for all buildings. Now is the time we take the next step and upgrade ventilation terminal equipment to the 21st century!

The result of intensive development

The unmatched performance of FLOW products is the result of three years of intensive development. Modelling was done using VTT’s Linux supercomputer cluster, among other resources. During these three years of development, 30 different versions of 3D designs were created, of which 13 were made into 3D-printed prototypes and tested by VILPEe. Only the fittest survived this evolution.