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Renovating the ventilation system lead to a noticeable improvement of indoor air quality

 A family’s row house apartment in Vantaa, Finland was in desperate need of a ventilation upgrade. The house was built in 1965, and the ventilation system was passive with only one ventilation vent in the bathroom. During the summer, this passive ventilation system was particularly ineffective because of low temperature differences between the indoor and outdoor air. 

‘During the summer, there was only an exchange of air when we opened all the windows’, recalls the father. 

The family contacted a professional HVAC planner, who measured the indoor air quality in the house. The measurements confirmed the problem: both the living room and the bedroom carbon dioxide levels of over 1600 ppm (the recommended level of carbon dioxide in a building’s indoor air is under 800 ppm).

Bad indoor air is nothing you need to get used to

Bad and stale indoor air should not be an acceptable feature of one’s home. The family decided to conduct a ventilation renovation to secure both their own well-being and and that of their home.

The family hired professionals from TNT Putki, and it was decided that the ventilation system would be replaced with a VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless system. Amir Salem from Stadin Ilmastointiasennus was responsible for the renovation, during which a VILPE ECo 160P/700 FLOW roof fan was installed on the house roof. This roof fan is monitored as a part of the VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless system. During the renovation, new ventilation ducts were also built, new ventilation vents were installed in the kitchen and the hallway, and a humidity sensor was installed in the bathroom. Moreover, in lieu of these improvements, the family made sure to plan and take measures so that fresh air could flow more freely inside the house.

The renovation itself lasted just two days. The most difficult stage of the process was the installation of ventilation ducts and the roof fan, since attic space was limited.

indoor air quality
indoor air quality

A noticeable improvement of indoor air quality

A month has passed since the renovation, and the family have noticed a clear difference.

‘The laundry dries more quickly, and after one of us takes a shower the bathroom dries more quickly too. When we set the roof fan to a higher speed, bad air immediately disappears from the kitchen. We recommend the VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless system to everybody whose house currently relies on passive ventilation with few ventilation vents’, say the family.

Information about the building

  • Row house. 3 bedrooms, kitchen. 82 square meters. Built in 1965 with a passive ventilation system.
  • Ventilation solution: VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless to monitor the roof fan, VILPE ECo 160P/700 FLOW roof fan, and VILPE Classic pass-through.

Watch this video to learn how easy is to install the VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless system.

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