TI-17 Chimney Fan

Description: VILPE chimney fan with black aluminium cast housing and silumin compound propeller. Effectively removes smoke caused by fireplaces, heaters, wood stoves and ovens, allowing them to operate at ideal efficiency and prevent smoke from spreading indoors. Monitored and adjusted by a step transformer or a thyristor regulator which should be installed as close to the fireplace as possible. As the fan is installed on an insulation sheet on top of the chimney, it should only be used when there is a fire in the fireplace; ventilating after the fire has died down is also recommended.

Suitable for fireplaces with max. 0.35 m2 clear opening area. Minimum size of flue opening 100 x 100 mm, maximum 230 x 230 mm. Highest portable gas temperature 200°C. Not suitable for round steel chimneys, nor for heating boiler use.

Contents: Chimney fan.

Chimney fan
ModelChimney fan
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Weight Gross: 8.8kg, Net: 7.3kg
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